2004 Tokyo Romanée Conti

2004 Tokyo  Romanée Conti Tasting 1940-1996

On the 16th of October 2004, we tasted eight of the greatest vintages ever made at the Domaine de la  Romanée Conti at the Crescent House in Tokyo, to celebrate our 15 years in Japan.

The wines tasted:

  • Romanée Conti 1940
  • Romanée Conti 1942
  • Romanée Conti 1959
  • Romanée Conti 1962
  • Romanée Conti 1964
  • Romanée Conti 1966
  • Romanée Conti 1978
  • RomanéeConti 1996

An impressive show of concentration, just right, perfect harmony and balance, and what Romanée Conti is most known for: finesse, subtility, refinement, and an incredible length and minerality in the finish. Wines that grow in you, that you remeber and still have on the palate the following day.

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